Back and feeling better

Hey all my lovely Closet Freaks!!!
It’s been a very hectic few months. I have had many issues and situations which prevented me from blogging but everything is ok now and I am back. And have I got a something for you. The Month Of Games is a comin!!!!

The Month of Games AD w_o Logos
Calling out to the inner child in you,
Do you remember those long summer days when you would drag out the board games and play them with friends? Maybe you played a bit of chess with Grandpa on Sundays. Did Candyland hold wonder and fascination as you visited the Lollipop Forest or Queen Frostine’s Sugary Castle? Is it possible that you always were the one to hypothesize that it was Professor Plum in the ballroom with the dagger as you super sleuthed your way through Clue.

Siren Productions, AIM, BOSL, Boulevard, Culture Magazine, Designing SL, ModeLS Magazine, SCALA, SL Live Radio, and Versus Magazine want to bring back those fun childhood memories and good times July 12th-31st, 2014 with The Month of Games featuring 3 exciting sales rooms, 3 adventurous shows, and some fun n fabulous parties and entertainment!

The Month of Games features some serious top notch designers who are ready to tease and tantalize your imaginations with their fanciful creations. Get ready as the likes of Boudoir, Blacklace, Livglam, [sYs], Pure Poison, Zibska, Rfyre, Finesmith, Sonatta Morales, and E-Clipse Designs get ready to amaze you. Join us for three fabulous shows brought to you in conjunction with Boulevard, SCALA, and AIM. Do not miss out on fabulous parties and events with BOSL, SCALA, and SL Live Radio!

Each and every designer will be creating not one, not two, but three new releases based on our three themes. Be the black queen in a wonderful Finesmith creation. Find the perfect Candyland accessories from Son!a’s Luxury Fashion. Give into your inner Sherlock with some fabulous shoes for your inner Ms. Scarlet with BSD Design Studio. You can find more info at


TMoG- Clue Mrs.White The Month of Games Logo TMoG- Candyland Queen Frostine TMoG- Chess The Black King

Diamonds on the soles of her shoes (Charmed mega post)

I was fortunate enough to be a part of Charmed Breedable Fashions beta testing team for their version 2 breedables. I was so excited because while I’ve know about them for awhile I’m not always in game to take care of breedables. But how can you say no to free shoes and helping out ? I can’t. I must say everyone at CBF is amazing and their customer service is top notch. Whenever I had a problem it was solved quickly or I was told a possible solution.

So if you’re not familiar with CBF, they make breedables at the moment shoes and bags. I hear they will be expanding to other things (I’m excited to see what else). As a beta member I was given a pack of 20 shoes and bags a wardrobe for my shoes and bags and the shoe polish and enchanted broom. The polish feeds the shoes and the broom enchants the shoes so that they can breed with other shoes. The shoes took 7 days to mature and when they do they get a heart and they are ready to breed. You can pair one shoe with another shoe or bag. Once paired it takes about 3 days to produce a cradle, which you birth into a shoe.


Cradle and shoe

shoes-and-cradles lots-of-cradles cradles bounty-of-shoes

Various cradles and birthing of design images happening

bountiful-cradles birthing

If you don’t like a shoe you can donate it to charity and that is great because your flair points go to a real live charity So not only are you breeding, getting awesome gear, you can also be charitable !  Flair points are the amount of points you need to make a shoe into a wearable. The more you breed the more points get added on to the shoe.

Once you love your shoe you can make them wearable. That’s right you can make a shoe you can keep and wear and hug and kiss and call George. You need to purchase a box to make them wearable and if you don’t have alot of flair points never fear because you can get a flair bow and add flair points while making your shoe. Boom!

 serena building serena leopard chain building

Serena Leopard Chain being made wearable

jaiden building Built Jaiden

Jaiden Leopard Corset being made wearable

building coco building coco chained

Coco Leopard and Coco Chained being made wearable

On top of everything else. If you breed a glass shoe you could receive a voucher for a REAL LIFE pair of Designer Shoes worth $300-500 USD value!

Head on over and check them out CBF. If you’re looking for something to make your SL a little more interesting and you love shoes. pop on in.


Prolly doin ho stuff cuz there you ho again (K)

Offerings from {K} at the Ho Depot.

Cutoffs Cutoffs-1 Cutoffs-2

Monster monster-1


Skin: Deesses Skins- Daiane (milky coffee)

Eyebrows: *Milk*- Prissy Brows (Black)

Hair: Magika- Such

Lipstick: Pink Acid- Midnight Out Eyelashes + Blush + Lip Gloss

Shorts: {K}-Gnaw Cuttoffs  Phat Azz (@ Ho Depot)

Top: {K}- Bandau – Monster (@ Ho Depot)

Shoes: [Ngelic]- Shaza (Black)

Hos are your friends, hoes are your enemies (Magnifique edi)

Magnifique’s offering at the Ho Depot.

Akasha Akasha-1

Akasha-2 Akasha-3


Skin: Deesses Skins- Daiane (milky coffee)
Eyebrows: *Milk*- Prissy Brows (Black)
Hair: Magika- Such
Lipstick: Pink Acid- Midnight Out Eyelashes + Blush + Lip Gloss
Dress: Magnifique- Queen Akasha Dress Phat Azz & Lola Appliers (@ Ho Depot)
Shoes: [Ngelic]- Shaza (Black)