Charmed…. I’m sure

So I’ve known about Charmed Breedable fashions for awhile now. It combines breedables annnnd  shoes Hello ? What could be better ? Imagine not being a designer and mating your shoes to make wonderful super shoes. Dream come true right ? When I first heard about it I was confused and a little skeptical but I am a Charmie OMG! Love! Does it take some money to do ? Yes but if you love shoes you spend alot on them anyway. Plus you can sell the shoes if you want. What I think is awesome and a plus…is if you breed a glass slipper you get to get designer shoes in RL that are worth up to 500 dollars. So what are you waiting for? Head over and become a Charmie yourself. Charmed . Check out the pics below as well.



The color is fabulous on these shoes these are the CBF – BROOKLYN Special Blue.


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