Meet me at the altar in your white dress !!

I have the fortune of blogging for Donkey Skin a theatrical fashion event. It will take place on Saturday January 4th at 11 am SLT. 

The designer asks that  you arrive prior to the event start time to find your seat. Also, please lower your scripts by removing all unnecessary huds and scripted items to help keep the event lag-free and flowing smoothly.   Vendors for each outfit will be on-site. 

The garments were created between February and July 2013; the props, sets, and stage setting, poses, some build textures  are a collaborative effort with several incredible builders who will be honored at the show. 
I think this is a great wedding dress designed by Banba Muircastle. 
Dress : Donkey Skin-   .::PRINCESS  BRIDE::.  
Shape: Skumtomte- Vanilji (
Skin: .tsg.- Ganguro:: C tone
Hair: [e]- Indulge
Hair: Dela- Tamra (on wrecking ball)
So, please come experience a broken heart that was redeemed and brought back to life by the CREATIVITY available to all of us here in this dimension of life.

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