Lady in red is dancing with me

I found this great coat on the marketplace. It comes in a couple different colors but I think the red pops more.





Hair: [noelle] Posh  (black)

Coat: voxxi [Donna] Mesh Coat (Red)

Shoes: -9TY- Multi Colour


3 thoughts on “Lady in red is dancing with me


    Hi, authors of VA Closet Freak.

    I’m Harry, photographer for SLN…Second Life Naturist.

    I was excited by the fact that you’ve chosen to recreate RL in an SL context on your blog. It’s something I try to do regularly on ‘SLN’.

    And so, I’ve blogged about it. 🙂

    I’ve also copied the link of your blog to our editor….I think she’ll be as excited as I am about your blogging style.

    Keep up the terrific work, folks, and remember you aren’t blogging in a vacuum. Some of us out here are INSPIRED by your work! 🙂

    Harry Leistone.

    • Hi Harry,
      Wow thank you so much. I’m so glad our hard work has paid off. We try to bring fun quality post to our readers. I’m so glad you loved the blog. We’re working on a series of posts where I will be replicating a video looks in SL. Hope you are following and enjoy in the future. I enjoyed your post about our blog.
      Thank you once again,

      V bloggers

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