Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up (The Boobies Planet VHD edi)

Everyone needs a little neon in their life. This outfit from VHD at The Boobies Planet can help with that. The outfit comes with a modest and sheer outfit. I chose to be modest this time around. It also comes with top and bottom appliers.

lime-2 lime-3

lime-1 lime


Shape: Mr. Bloch:  *ANGELINA*(tone 4) (The Boobies Planet)

Skin: Mr. Bloch:  *ANGELINA*(tone 4) (The Boobies Planet)

Hair: [noelle] Juno – black

Outfit: VHD Lime Fishnet Bodysuit (modest)   (The Boobies Planet)

Cuffs: Eclectica: ‘Artifact’

Shoes: [Ngelic]: Shaza (Black)

I don’t need you seeing yoncé on her knees (The Boobies Plant Mr. Bloch edi)

At The Boobies Planet Mr. Bloch has got some skin tones and shapes and appliers. I really liked the way they look.







Shape: Mr. Bloch:  *ANGELINA*(The Boobies Planet)

Skin: Mr. Bloch:  *ANGELINA*(tone 4, 5,6,7) (The Boobies Planet)

Dress:  ::Purple Candy:: Corene (The Boobies Planet)

Shoes:  [Ngelic]: Shaza (Black)

Jewelry: Eclectica: ‘Artifact’

Driver roll up the partition please (The Boobies Planet Purple Candy edi)

New round is up at The Boobies Planet… what better way to get it started with Purple Candy and Beyonce’s “Partition”.


boreal-2 boreal-cu-1

boreal-1 boreal-cu



Shape: Mr. Bloch:  *ANGELINA*(tone 4) (The Boobies Planet)

Skin: Mr. Bloch:  *ANGELINA*(tone 4) (The Boobies Planet)

Hair: [noelle] Juno – black

Outfit 1: ::Purple Candy:: Boreal  (The Boobies Planet)

Outfit 2: ::Purple Candy:: Corene (The Boobies Planet)

Shoes: [Ngelic]: Shaza (Black)

And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

“The Style Icon” Fashion Fair will be ending on the 28th. DBF has an awesome Audrey Skin available. Since  I had to do an iconic styling Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the one. In the words of Ms. Holly Golightly:  Did I tell you how divinely and utterly happy I am?






Skin: [DBF] Audrey skin (The Style Icon)

Hair: A&A: Desiree Hair (Dark Brown)

Tiara: *R+a*:  Tiara =SIZUKU=

Jewelry: Eclectica: ‘Artifact’

Dress: *[MD]: Soraya (BLACK)

Shoes: [Ngelic]: Shaza (Black)



Warm it up (The Boobies Planet- Hot Stuff Edi)

I like the contrasting looks this round. I like the slutty sexy look and the sexy almost work outfit. I’d pair that with a blazer and pumps in real life js.

hs-2 hs


hotstuff1 hotstuff-2



Skin: [DBF]  Alexandria skin

Hair: Magika -Such

Outfit 1: :.::Hot Stuff::.:- Be Nice(The Boobies Planet)

Outfit 2: :.::Hot Stuff::.:- Fishnet Top & Open Short (The Boobies Planet)

Shoes: -9TY- Alternate Heels

Watch if you’re smart (The Boobies Planet- NMD Edi.)

I’m loving this look from NMD at The Boobies Planet is it lingerie is it a bikini. I’m really liking that ambiguous look. I am dealing with writing a paper and snow storms out the wazoo. So kinda seeing it like a bathing suit. Wishful thinking I guess.

nmd-4 nmd-3

nmd-2 nmd-1



Skin: [DBF]  Alexandria skin

Hair: Magika -Such

Outfit 1: .:[NMD]:.- Adriana (black)(The Boobies Planet)

Outfit 2: .:[NMD]:. -Adriana (Red) (The Boobies Planet)

Shoes: -9TY- Alternate Heels

Just know, thieves get caught (The Boobies Planet- Busty Boutique edi)

Are you ready for more The Boobies Planet ? Cause I think you are! I can’t get enough of the cute outfits they have most are boobie and alot are also bottom compatible. Here’s Busty Boutiques outfits that will be offered there during this round.


busy-bl bustyb-l2

Busty Boutique- Burida (black)

busty-b-1 busty-b-cu


Busty Boutique- Cadrian (black)



Skin: [DBF] Saga skin (From The Kollective)

Hair: Magika -Tomorrow

Outfit 1: Busty Boutique- Burida (black)(The Boobies Planet)

Outfit 2: Busty Boutique- Cadrian (black) (The Boobies Planet)

Shoes: -9TY- Alternate Heels

It can’t be bought (The Boobies Planet- Perch Edi)

At The Boobies Planet Perch has these cute jumpsuits. They come with boobies and bottom appliers. Also the skin I’m wearing is from DBF can be found at The Kollective till Feb. 26 for 99l. There is also an appliers pack to go with that for 99l as well. Great deal on these high quality skins.


perch-b perch-b-1

Perch- Carlie Jumpsuit (Coal)


perch-2 perch-1

Perch- Carlie Jumpsuit (Bleached)


[DBF] Saga skin


Skin: [DBF] Saga skin (From The Kollective)

Hair: Magika -Tomorrow

Outfit 1: Perch- Carlie Jumpsuit (Coal) (The Boobies Planet)

Outfit 2: Perch- Carlie Jumpsuit (Bleached) (The Boobies Planet)

Shoes: -9TY- Alternate Heels

Techniques that freaks these boys (The Boobies Planet- Toxic High)

This round at  The Boobies Planet Toxic High is offering this cute jumper. I’m kind of loving the option of without the shirt. It has boobs and bottom appliers for the curvy girls.



With the shirt



Skin: [DBF]- Freja skin (vanilla tone) (Find the information here  )

 Outfit: ToXiC HiGh-  Justice Overalls (crazy blue) (The Boobies Planet)

Hair: [e]- Rush (brown)

Glasses: [md] Hello Kitty wayfarer glasses

You want me to teach thee (The Boobies Planet: -Mystique- edi )

At The Boobies Planet Mystique has these cute outfits to offer you. They come with boobs and bottom appliers. Also I’m going to cross pollinate, at the Romantic Nights Hunt DBF has this great skin. The skin has slink for hands and feet, boobs and bottom appliers. Kind of awesome ! The hunt is going on till the end of the month. Go here to find out all the information.


attention-cu attention-cu-2


catsuit catsuit1




Skin: [DBF] Freja skin (vanilla tone) (Find the information here  )

1st Outfit: -Mystique- Attention (The Boobies Planet)

2nd Outfit: -Mystique- Catsuit (hearts) (The Boobies Planet)

Hair: [e]- Rush (brown)

Glasses: [md] Hello Kitty wayfarer glasses